Children's Village


The Management Team (MT) is appointed by the Trust to manage the day-to-day running of the organization. The MT reports and is accountable to the Trustees of Rehoboth.

Management team

Alfons & Yvonne van der Galiën

Alfons & Yvonne van der Galiën – a Dutch couple from The Netherlands. Both come from a Christian family background and have been active in church as youth group leaders, cell-group leaders, marriage counselling, and general counselling. Their home church in The Netherlands is the Hope Church.

Alfons has a MSc degree in Business (Master of Science in Business Administration) and before working for Rehoboth worked for an international IT-company in The Netherlands for 4 years. Yvonne has a degree in Veterinary Practice and specialized in small/domestic animals. She worked as a locum vet in The Netherlands for 3 years before moving to South Africa.

Currently Alfons is the Managing Director of Rehoboth and Yvonne fulfills the role of Childcare Director. They are well supported and blessed by a wonderful Board of Trustees and a great team to do the work at Rehoboth. The van der Galiën’s love the diversity the work brings: the laughter, the tears, the joy of seeing children receive the love of Christ, children recovering and so much more.

"We feel truly blessed and privileged to be part of Rehoboth. Our greatest desire in our life is to live out the following bible verse, ‘Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly as if unto the Lord and not unto men.’ - Colossians 3:23.”