New Volunteers have arrived from Germany and the UK


Tabea Herbst arrived on 2nd of August to serve at Rehoboth for 4 months. She is a volunteer that has come through OM (Operation Mobilization - Mission Organization) Pretoria. After a 6- month training course at the home base she will now serve at Rehoboth for her remaining time in South Africa. Tabea has taken on the challenging role of teaching the Pre-school children until we have found a new Pre-school teacher. She is doing an amazing job!



UK student volunteer team

A 9 man/woman strong team have arrived at Rehoboth for volunteer work. Allison Clark, a UK high school teacher, has brought together a group of 7 of her ex-students and her father to come and serve at the village for 3 weeks! They have been working like a machine! The vegetable garden has been transformed into bags of newly planted seedlings, the macadamia and banana orchard have been cleaned and sorted. Further this week they have gone into the local community to paint a house of one of our staff members. They had a lot of fun and their slogan was “Wusa”, after they left the community kids were all shouting “Wusa”! In the afternoons they play sports with the Rehoboth kids and just have tons of fun.


UK team1

Painting the house of a Rehoboth staff member in the community: WUSA!


UK team2

Planting the brand new seedlings!!




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