Care giver training and weight management


Care giver training

After having interviewed about 25 ladies for the position of becoming a new relief carer, we chose 5 out of the 25. These 5 were trained for 2 full days. They learnt all the ins and outs of how we care for the children. The training topics were: General information; Routines; Health and safety; Discipline; Attachment and bonding; Play; Nutrition; HIV/AIDS; ARV’s; and Medical training. Out of the 5 we have our eye on 2 who are now in the process of having practical training in the houses. We truly hope we have found some new relievers!




Weight management

We have been blessed that two ladies from “Curves” have taken on the task of teaching our house moms about healthy living and drawing alongside them to try to become fit and loose some extra kilo’s. After a session they went for a brisk walk around the village, which left most of them breathless. The moms are very motivated to continue to exercise and get fit.





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