Children's Village

Short-term Holiday Volunteer

What do you do as a Holiday volunteer

Rehoboth is looking for a special person who can come and serve at Rehoboth during a holiday period. We need your help in a variety of ways:

  • Planning and coordinating a holiday program for our children while they are out of school.
  • Incorporating Bible stories along with play activities during the holiday.
  • Driving children to sports, outings, shopping, church, etc.
  • Helping out in the ‘shop’ with the weekly and monthly grocery distribution to the houses.
  • Sorting and organizing clothing, shoes, toys, bedding, etc. in our store room.
  • Running sports programs for groups of children.

What do you need as a volunteer

There are 4 main components you will need to become a volunteer at Rehoboth.


Most Holiday Volunteers would come for a couple of weeks to a six week period of time. This could be a time where the volunteer has a break from his or her own studies or work and can devote their break to the excitement of helping out at Rehoboth. If you have time to give around the holidays, then we'd love to hear from you.

A Heart for Children and Serving God

You do not need specific skills or experience to come and volunteer at Rehoboth. You do need to love children and have a desire to serve God through caring for them.


We provide volunteers with on-site accommodation (including lights and water) and the use of a Rehoboth vehicle for local transport. The cost for this is R1000 (ZAR) per month. In addition to this amount, you will need your flight costs, plus money for food, outings, internet use etc. Based on previous volunteers’ experience, we suggest you raise R3500 (ZAR) per month to cover all expenses. If you plan to do lots of tourist activities or go on a holiday then you will need more funding. See for conversion rates to different currencies.

Driving Licence

One of the biggest tasks that all volunteers are needed to help with is transport of children (school activities, church, hospital appointments, sport, outings etc.). You need to have a valid driver’s license with at least 1 full year of driving experience. You need to be able to drive a vehicle with a manual gearbox. You need to be able to drive on the left side of the road. The condition of the roads in South Africa requires confident, experienced drivers. Unfortunately we cannot take on volunteers who do not meet this requirement, as Rehoboth is far out of town, and it places a large burden on other members of the team to always be driving unlicensed volunteers around for groceries and outings.