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In order to continue the work of providing for orphaned and abandoned children we rely and depend on the great generosity of our donors. Thank you for your consideration to support Rehoboth Children’s Village and the efforts to save the lives of children and further expand our work. Every donation given, whether big or small, goes to furthering our capacity to provide for these children. We thank you for your gift!

To donate online please click the button below. To donate from your home country please see how to give from your country listed below.

South Africa

Donate directly on Rehoboth's Account:
Account name: Rehoboth Trust (RT)
Account number: 1398092509
Branch code: 139828
Swift-address: NEDSZAJJ
Bank name: Nedbank
Bank details: Port Shepstone Branch,
PO Box 1611, Port Shepstone 4240, South Africa

Note: Rehoboth has section 18a status with reference number: 130001481. Donors from South Africa can claim a certain amount of their taxes back from the South African Revenue Services (SARS).
Contact details Rehoboth Trust (RT):
P.O. Box 54321, Marburg, Port Shepstone, 4240
Tel: 039 6877354
Fax: 0866222492

United States

"Sponsor a Child at Rehoboth" Even though the website allows you to select Rehoboth please also specify in the comments section that your donation is intended for Rehoboth Children's Village.
"Donate a General Amount" Under comments mention: “General Donation for Rehoboth”

Contact Details Themba Foundation:
Themba Foundation | 2850 Shoreline Trail PMB 134,
Rockwall, Texas, USA, 75032 | ;

United Kingdom

UK: Donate via Hope for South Africa’s Children (HFSAC):
Account name: Hope for South Africa’s Children
Account number: 55512194
Sort Code: 53 50 46
Bank name: Natwest
Bank details: Battle Hill, Hexham, Northumberland, NE 46 1NL

Contact Details Hope for South Africa’s Children:
David & Glen Smith (Representatives of Rehoboth in the UK)
Address: 1 The Fold, New Ridley, Stocksfield, NE43 7RG UK
Telephone number: 01661 844933
Note: HFSAC can reclaim Gift AID if you are a UK tax payer.
Please request a Gift AID form from the UK office.

The Netherlands

Hope Church Utrecht
Swiftnr (BIC nr): INGBNL 2A
IBAN nr: NL12 INGB 0686 6520 37
Note: onder vermelding van "Rehoboth Donatie"
Note: The financial donation is tax deductable.

Stichting Themba
Bankrekeningnr: 1290.55.069
Swiftnr: RABO NL 2U
IBANnr: NL 32 RABO 0 129055069
Note: onder vermelding van "Rehoboth Donatie"
Stichting Themba has an AMBI status. Donaties zijn belasting aftrekbaar
(Stichting Themba received a status from the tax authorities that gifts are tax deductable.)