Children's Village

Sponsor a children’s house

On arrival, our children are blessed with wonderful homes to stay in and loving carers that become their new family. Their emotional and physical health improves drastically within a short period of time due to good food and great care. However, we are still in need of additional sponsors to financially support the children so they can keep receiving good nutrition, proper medication and quality education. We need your help to ensure that our children have all that they need in order to thrive and become successful individuals.

Please consider sponsoring a children's house to ensure that the children's medication, nutrition and education are provided for. We are pleased with any amount of support. The sponsor amount is therefore not fixed and is up to the discretion and ability of the donor.

You as a sponsor will receive 3 times a year an update on what is happening with the children in the specific house you are sponsoring. Also you will receive the bi-monthly newsletter of Rehoboth to keep you updated on what is all happening at Rehoboth in general. If you are interested in sponsoring a children's house, please send us an email.