Volunteer Self-Test


Take some time to think about these questions and answer them honestly. They will help you work out if volunteering at Rehoboth is right for you.


Can you serve in a community environment?

You will be sharing a communal living/cooking area with up to 4 other volunteers plus living and working on site with other staff and all the children and housemums. Will you cope with being surrounded by people all the time and having very little time alone?


We are a Christian organisation and run according to a Christian ethos, relying on God’s guidance on a daily basis. Team devotions and prayer meetings are part of working at Rehoboth. We look for active Christians who share our faith and have a real relationship with God.

Are you comfortable with that and can you contribute to this part of the work?


Can you work as a professional even though you are a volunteer?

Although you are not paid, you will function as if you are working in a normal professional business organisation. This means taking responsibility, showing accountability, working under authority and signing an official work contract (a legal requirement of the South African Social Development Department).


Can you provide us with a police clearance certificate (also known as a Certificate of Good Conduct) from your country of origin? (again a legal requirement of the South African Social Development Department).


Do you have a Servant Heart?

Do you go the “extra mile”?  If you see a need will you respond to help solve it? Will you take initiative? This means that although you get certain responsibilities assigned to you, if all of a sudden something needs to be done that is not part of your daily job description your response will be: “No problem, if I can help anywhere, I am willing and wanting to help.”  


Are you flexible?

Circumstances and situations continuously change at Rehoboth and a very flexible attitude is a definite requirement.


Do you have the following 4 things?

1) time available and the ability to raise the money needed

2) the ability to life in a community environment

3) the right work ethics

4) heart for children and serving God + a valid driving license?



Apply to volunteer:

If you can answer all the above questions with a “YES”, then we’d love to hear from you.

Email us on volunteer@rehoboth.org.za

We will send you:

- Personal application form

- Pastor’s reference form

- Friend’s reference form


Once all forms have been returned, your application will be processed and you will hear within one month if your application has been accepted.


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